ARTAS Hair Transplant – Dr. Shah is Amazing – LOVE my new hairline!

Scalp Patient BA Testimonials

*Actual Patient Before and 1 Month After ARTAS and PRP Treatments

I visited Dr. Shah at Aesthetic Scalp in his immaculate offices in Water Tower Place and he performed a hair restoration procedure on me using the Artas Robot. I couldn’t be more pleased with him, his staff, the procedure and the way, generally, I was treated from consultation to completion. For those of you with short attention spans, please just allow me to sum up my review for you, here: He is amazing, compassionate, considerate, an expert, and if you are considering an Artas transplant LOOK NO FURTHER! For those of you wanting more information, grab a box of popcorn and buckle up. I started losing my hair when I was in College. It was pretty traumatic as a young man to look at the shower drain and see it filled with hair. I’ve been researching hair transplant procedures for years, now, and considered a strip procedure and also manual FUE. The downsides to both prevented me from moving forward with either. When the ARTAS robot came around, I was even more excited to consider a FUE procedure but as I started studying the technique in detail I quickly learned that it was VERY important that I find an experienced Surgeon to perform the procedure as results, based on skill, do vary. While the ARTAS Robot and its software performs the extraction – there is a lot of intricacies and professional skill involved in using the robot and, as importantly, how the recipient area is created. I chose Dr. Shah’s office because of his glowing reviews and his, and Dr. Chughtai’s unrivaled focus on regenerative medicine. While I could have hypothetically chosen any doctor with the ARTAS Robot, choosing one that focused so heavily on the “recovery process” and boosting the current follicles I still have sealed the deal for me that I was only going to trust Dr. Shah. The way I view it is that I really got two services for the price of one; a repaired hairline and serious attention given to reviving my other thinning hair. After all, what good would it do if I were to undergo a hair transplant and then suffered future hair loss!?! His office is conveniently located in downtown Chicago and the procedure was, rather, painless. In fact, the most uncomfortable part was them simply preparing me, with lidocaine injections, for the procedure and even that really only felt like a “pinch”. I’m not a fan of shots, either – so take it from one “not tough” guy directly – the procedure does NOT hurt. Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai went out of their way during the procedure to make sure I was comfortable at all times and me informed of what they were doing, why they were doing it and what was going to happen next. It was evident throughout the entire process that Dr. Shah is an expert in his field and every second in his office confirmed I made the right decision. Additionally, his bedside manner and his staff is second to none. While I am very result driven, there is something to be said about utilizing the services of a doctor that is an expert AND a genuine “good person”. HIs concern for me was evident and his charisma is contagious. After the procedure he and his staff checked on me repeatedly (but not in an annoying way) to make sure all of my questions were answered, that the healing process was progressing smoothly, and that my pain (which was, literally ZERO) was manageable. I’m healing very well and the results are beyond my expectations. In short, my experience with Dr. Shah exceeded ALL of my expectations and I am so glad that I fully educated myself before deciding on who I’d trust to perform the ARTAS procedure. While there are other providers of ARTAS in Chicagoland – I can’t imagine any of them can rival my experience with Dr. Shah.


Great Experience, Incredible Doctor

I underwent a hair restoration procedure about 6 months ago with Dr. Shah. I’ve waited to review to give adequate time to judge the procedure and Dr. Shah. To make a long story short, it worked! I had about 1200 hairs transplanted with the Artas robotic transplant system and I feel like even at 6 months, It was worth it – every penny, the time, etc – I would do it again. Part of Dr. Shah’s method involved platelet rich plasma injections at the transplant site, and my crown, which is also thinning out. This allowed better healing and slowing of dying follicles.

The staff was excellent – Dr. Shah is one of a kind – he’s not only extremely skilled, but he’s down to earth, sensitive and approachable. I felt like he had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Dr. Shah and the procedure itself. My main concerns were excessive scarring at the donor site, and survival of transplanted hairs. The Artas Robotic transplant machine is a marvel – I took pictures of the pre-placed transplant sites to estimate follicle survival post treatment and I honestly can’t see any areas devoid of growing hair. I cut my hair at the donor site (in the back, above my neckline) down to a 2’ clipper size and even if you try, you can’t see any donor site scars. Anyone who is struggling as I did with hair loss – this procedure works. It is, in my opinion and after trying countless products, the only method worth your time. I don’t have to wear hats anymore. I can look in the mirror and go outside with confidence. I love my hair again.


Great Experience. Very Personable Staff.

First thing I have to say is the staff and Dr. Shaw make you feel very comfortable. Getting hair transplants can make one feel very vulnerable but everyone makes you feel very comfortable and tken care of.The procedure is relatively painless and recovery was rather quick. PRP which is injecting your blood into your head can be a bit painful but is very short part of the treatment. Everything else is painless.It’s only been three months and results have been rather promising. More than that though I couldn’t recommend the doctor and staff more. I was really surprised how affordable it was too. Only a fraction of what I expected, and they also put the cost of the consultation toward the treatment. I was originally just coming in to check it out and get an estimate for possibly later or never, but it was so inexpensive I went ahead and did it.

Dr Shah was brilliant in how he designed my hair transplant especially the hairline in front. No one, not even a dermatologist have been able to recognize the fact I have had a hair transplant. What was great is that there was no incision in the back either. I would definitely go to him again for any future cosmetic procedures.


Taylor S.

4/3/2014  Updated review

I  was attempting  to research the yelps on a new restaurant that  a friend and I are dining at this evening, and for some reason, perhaps kismet; I saw a picture of Dr. Shah and was on this page. I was shocked to read some of the absolutely ridiculous prevarications posted on this site. Dr. Shah is one of the best Dermatologists in Chicago. I would certainly not trust the treatment of  any dermatologic,  or elective  cosmetic procedure I was having to another physician.

I have been going to Dr Shah for over 10 years and have not one time  had a negative experience. His staff are professional, friendly and go above and beyond to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant one.  I  felt absolutely compelled to address these erroneous yelps regarding Dr Shah,in my opinion  Dr Shah is a knowledgeable, kind and professional physician. He  is an MD  Phd. and is board certified in dermatology and dermatologic surgery;  and has had extensive training in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Shah is friendly, kind and gentle in his “bed side manner”. He has privileges at NWMH, Advocate Christ and Advocate IMMC. Dr Shah is an assistant Professor at North Western University, and Medical director of the Academic Dermatology and skin cancer Institute.

All of this said, he is a good person, and  maintains integrity and embodies tthe obligations of his  hippocratic duties. Besides being a patient of Dr Shah. I work in the psychiatric  realm of medicine and deal with a minimum of 4 to 10 Physicians daily, so rest assured my narrative comes from a great deal of experiences with many Physicians.

Hair loss improvement from several patients.  The Artas robotic system is truly the best system in the world at hair transplantation.  Combining it with Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai’s excellence leads to amazing results.


 Taylor S,