Regenerative Medicine

We also use many of the principles of regenerative medicine and integrative medicine to help improve hair yield.  If you implant hair into a dry scalp bed, your hair survival rate will likely be lower. Why not fertilize the scalp bed prior to hair transplant?  Most facilities do not use any other supplements to help with hair loss. We utilize the latest in supplements due to the incorporation of our medical hair loss expert, Dr. Sameea Chughtai, who is an expert in the function and physiology of the body.

While other facilities will tout the use of PRP which has been shown to have some improvement in hair yield, we offer many other biologic and regenerative solutions as other options.  PRP is the use of platelet-rich plasma to improve yield. PRP involves spinning blood, separating the platelets and theoretically making the scalp bed more inviting for hair. We have found other products to be just as effective if not more.  These include the use of growth factors and other principles of regenerative medicine to help improve the tissue bed and in our experience help, patients grow hair.