When can I Begin Washing Hair After a Transplantation

Washing your hair after a hair transplantation is important to survival.  We usually have our patients start spraying hair with lactated ringers with liposomal ATP as well as other growth factors twice a day to help your hair process start ASAP.  Actual hair washing usually takes place several days after the procedure.  There are several advantages to this approach:

  • Healing improved
  • Decreased inflammation and redness
  • Improved blood supply and uptake

How long is the ARTAS procedure?

The length of the ARTAS procedure has been dramatically decreased for the latest update 9x.  Users with a non-updated system will notice less than 500 grafts per hour while the updated system can harvest as much as 1000 graft or more per hour.  With the new updates, the system is able to reliably obtain grafts at a much higher speed than the older versions of the ARTAS.