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A recent article has come out that Prince Harry is looking into having a hair transplant procedure sometime after the royal wedding this year. Unlike his brother, Prince William, the prince is looking to take preventative action from his hereditary destiny. You can say that idea of hair restoration is now a Royal Affair.

One of the reasons why this is important is that he’s taking action early before the loss of hair is irreversible. While still a young man, his brother, Prince William, appears much older in appearance. Prince Harry is looking to maintain his “youthful” appearance for as long as possible.

Believe it or not, most men are more like Prince William. They do not take action when it comes to hair loss. And there are plenty of factors on why this happens. It can range from accepting that they will naturally go bald because “it’s in their genes” to the procedure being too costly. Perhaps the biggest reason why men don’t take preventative measures to hair loss is because they wait too long.

Hair loss is a natural thing that occurs. The body continues to build a type of a strong testosterone called ‘DHT’ long after the man has reached physical maturity and that eventually takes its toll on the hair follicle. Without something to block this type of testosterone from attacking the hair follicle, DHT will shrink the follicle and force it out. Using preventative medicines such as Propecia or Rogaine will prevent DHT from shrinking the follicles. For the balding areas, hair restoration with the use of FUE and regenerative medicines is used to ensure the growth and fullness of the hair.

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