Our hair is a permanent accessory that we can choose to change as often as we change our wardrobes. 

Let’s think back to our first haircut.  We probably don’t remember it, but this haircut marks the first of many style changes we would eventually be going through for the rest of  our lives.  

From there on out we change our hair depending on what’s “cool”.  This is the stage we often do what are peers are doing.

After High School and college we worry about finding a job.  Should I shave my head? Put my hair in a bun? The real question we should be asking is: Does it fit my personality? Am I trying to imitate a celebrity, am i trying to stand out, or is this what fits me the best?

Life gets much more stressful entering adulthood, a time where you should be comfortable with your identity and hair.  If you think about it, how many times have you heard, “Did you get a haircut?” I can tell you people tend to notice my hair before they notice the new pair of shoes I just bought.  

Then shortly after we think we might have an idea of who we are; our hair starts to thin or even fall out.

New job, no hair? Yikes

Not many people are aware that both men and women experience hair loss and thinning as early as our 20-30s. Unfortunately, when these changes become drastic, the way we value ourselves will change too. Our confidence is even more compromised when we see ads, and social media on a daily basis. It’s a constant reminder that there is room for improvement.  Did you know that by the time we notice our hair is starting to thin, we already lost 50% of it?


But no matter the circumstances for hair loss, it can be reversed with a hair restoration treatment. Hair restoration and Hair Transplants in Chicago IL are better than ever.  At Aesthetic Scalp We treat both women and men with the latest in hair restoration technology: The ARTAS Robot. Aesthetic Scalp is the only place in Chicago where you will be treated by the best technicians, and the best technology. When thinking about the hair restoration process in Chicago, IL make sure to give us a call, or schedule an appointment here.  

With our state-of-the-art technology and just a little patience, there is always hope to transform lives by ending hair loss!

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