Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best soccer players of all time who garners just as much attention for his physique as he does for his hair.

He has used his name recognition to better expose himself in corporate sponsorships in the world of athletics. However, he is entering a new world involving hair restoration.  

So why are athletes entering the world of hair restoration and cosmetic surgery?

Does success in one area tend to lead to success in other areas?  Will other athletes and celebrities continue to endorse, be sponsored, or own aesthetic practices?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not trained as a medical professional nor is he claiming to be an expert in hair loss.  He has also stated he has never received a hair transplant. The clinic he is associating himself with is called Insparya, a clinic with 5 locations throughout Spain and Portugal.

So as a prospective hair patient, should Ronaldo’s affiliation with a clinic make you want to go there?  Here is a list of some reminders on what to ask your hair surgeon:

Is there a physician with the clinic and what are their credentials?

Doctors should be board certified and have experience in hair.  Seems simple enough but your results are going to be dependent on a great hair surgeon who can design your hairline and design your results.  Even if it was legal for Ronaldo or any other celebrity athlete endorser to design your hair, would you want it?



Do the facilities use the latest technologies?

The latest technologies for hair include robotics and regenerative medicine.  Robotic surgery can lead to higher yields of hair harvest versus standard FUE approaches. We won’t even mention strip surgery with a scar as a viable option.  Regenerative techniques allow for hair to grow faster and help reverse the course of miniaturized hairs, as well as helping to lead to a fuller and more sustainable hair loss.  Watching a sports celebrity will definitely not lead to hair gain, but in turn it would lead to hair loss (stress).

Who is designing my hair?

Your hair design should be thoughtful, and you should look for your hair to match your existing hairs for a more natural appearing hairline.  At some corporate locations and heavily advertised hair clinics, you may not even have your hair sites made by a physician – solely by a hair technician.  At some facilities, you don’t even meet the doctor until the day of the procedure. Yikes. You can pretty much guarantee you are not meeting a sports celebrity the day of your procedure.

How do I take care of my hair afterwards and what is follow-up like?

It’s important for every procedure to make sure that your care around the procedure is timely.  Any procedure requires appropriate after-care.

So with the various levels of competition in celebrity endorsements, what exactly does this mean for hair transplants?  It likely raises awareness for a common problem: 50% of men are bald by age 50. The most a celebrity, or athlete can do is bring awareness, while also letting men know there are alternative solutions.


There is no secrets surrounding Cristiano’s achievements; On the field he has became one of the most electric people in the history of the sport. Off the field he has shown incredible success with his business ventures, hair transplantation shouldn’t be one of them.  


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