Patients that come to me for hair revision all have the same story: their first- and sometimes second- procedure didn’t work. They ask if I can tell how many of their grafts remain in  their scalp, and my first response is “how many grafts did your surgeon harvest and how did your surgeon prepare your… Read More

Perhaps there is no other area in aesthetics where science and artistry and joined by the hip (or in this case hair) than hair restoration.  Hair restoration often involves a calculation of number of hairs to be harvested and removed from a donor area.  What is frustrating to most patients is that in most practices, very little… Read More

Eyebrows are a sign of vitality and health, and in the cosmetic world, they tend to thrive on fashionable trends. In the 80’s they were thick, fuller, and untamed – I consider Brooke Shields as the poster girl of 80’s eyebrows. And then along came the 90’s and Kate Moss was rocking the ‘skinny minnie’… Read More

Dr. Anil Shah and his wife, Dr. Sameea Chughtai were featured on WGN for their revolutionary approach to hair restoration. They discuss their techniques for hair restoration using the ARTAS 9x and regenerative medicine.… Read More

We are proud to announce   is now a Proud Sponsor of Hairvention 2018   Stylist Georgi from Hugo Boss will be on-hand at Hairvention 2018 offering all attendees style advice that will compliment their hairstyles. Hugo Boss will also be giving a special discount and a special gift with purchase at their store for… Read More

HAIRVENTION 2018 and you’re invited! Hairvention 2018 will be an an evening about all things hair with Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai of Aesthetic Scalp. Learn about: ARTAS 9X, the latest in robotic technology in hair transplantation The most advanced regenerative medicine hair treatments including PRP (protein rich plasma) to strengthen your hair… Read More