JoJo Siwa, once a competitor on Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s, is now a  16 year Nickelodeon superstar.   From dancing on reality television to acting, singing, and even now a Youtube sensation; Jojo Siwa does it all.  Not to mention her line of hair bows have really taken off at department stores!  Truthfully, it’s quite incredible how… Read More

Actors are not just competing for roles, but they are also competing for their hair.  More importantly, they have to deal with changing appearances such as new found baldness!  This can be detrimental to an A-list actor. So what is a celebrity actor to do?  In Hollywood there is only one option: Hair Transplantation. Actors… Read More

Dr. Shah and Shah Aesthetics have officially become verified on RealSelf – The leading aesthetic and medical resource webpage! RealSelf allows patients to connect with doctors who preform aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. Choosing a doctor for an aesthetic treatment can be overwhelming and intimidating. With so many options it’s important to find the doctor or… Read More

  In the most recent episode of Masters of Beauty we talked to Oggie Petrovich and Eric Selvik of ARTAS Restoration Robotics.  These two robotic experts have a combined 30+ years of experience with ARTAS.  They have bene there from the start and have seen many different versions of the ARTAS robot.  They have truly… Read More

In Masters of Beauty: Episode 05 we talk to Roland Peralta, the Co-Founder of Nutrafol.  Nutrafol is the Nutraceutical wellness company that is addressing hair and body wellness. Roland talks about his own battle with rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid cancer, losing his hair in the process, and discovering natural ways to treat his symptoms and… Read More

*Disclaimer* Hey everyone!  Below is my most recent podcast transcript and video featuring Michael Rabin of LaserCap!  We used the best available transcription service.  Please ignore some of the misspellings, and vocal pauses.  We hope you enjoy this very insightful discussion with one of the leading hair doctors out there: Michael Rabin.  If you would… Read More

  Last week Dr. Shah sat down for a video chat with Dr. Michael Rabin, Co-Founder of LaserCap Company.  LaserCap uses a treatment method known as low-level light therapy in which skin is exposed to low amounts of light that will penetrate through to the surface of the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle beneath. … Read More

Lebron James is one of the biggest stars on the planet.  Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time Lebron has also become: a media mogul, philanthropist, and now Hollywood star.  His recent move to Los Angeles, home to his new team the Lakers, solidified his star power and his eventual career after basketball.  Lebron… Read More

     Once in a while, in the world of aesthetics, a person becomes heavily indulged in the public eye, and we get to analyze every aspect of that person.  Sometimes, it’s a person that has been in a controversy, maybe they’re making a comeback, or maybe they’re running for political office.      Today… Read More

𝄞 Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd! 𝄞   It’s finally summertime in Chicago! A time we grab our baseball hats and hit the bleachers.  As easy and fun as this sounds, it’s even easier to grab your LaserCap to start growing your hair at home!  Whether your a… Read More