ROBOTIC ADVANCEMENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENTS As time progresses, so does the use of technology. This is especially true in the medical field. We have seen many robotic advances in this field, making for a procedure that is not only precise but also efficient. THE DaVINCI AND THE ARTAS ROBOTS More and more hospitals and medical… Read More

Hair loss like many other conditions, develop over time. Which is why early detection is key to prevention. Although medications such as finasteride can be used, they’re often rejected by young adults. On the other hand, nutraceuticals like, Nutrafol, can be used as an alternative. Allowing  patients to devise a plan to deter hair loss.… Read More

An expert is needed to evaluate the extent of the hair loss and its causes.  Hair loss in women may arise from several factors including genetic, hormonal, infectious, autoimmune, among others. Therefore, proper examination of hair and history can assist in determining causes and appropriate treatment options.… Read More

In order to evaluate the donor area for hair transplant, an in person consultation is usually  the best practice. During the consultation the following might be discussed. A Trichoscopy takes a look at the donor area while examining the density of the follicles. In some cases, some donor areas might have dermatologic issues that might need attention.… Read More