*Disclaimer* Hey everyone!  Below is my most recent podcast transcript and video featuring Michael Rabin of LaserCap!  We used the best available transcription service.  Please ignore some of the misspellings, and vocal pauses.  We hope you enjoy this very insightful discussion with one of the leading hair doctors out there: Michael Rabin.  If you would… Read More

  Last week Dr. Shah sat down for a video chat with Dr. Michael Rabin, Co-Founder of LaserCap Company.  LaserCap uses a treatment method known as low-level light therapy in which skin is exposed to low amounts of light that will penetrate through to the surface of the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle beneath. … Read More

Lebron James is one of the biggest stars on the planet.  Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time Lebron has also become: a media mogul, philanthropist, and now Hollywood star.  His recent move to Los Angeles, home to his new team the Lakers, solidified his star power and his eventual career after basketball.  Lebron… Read More

     Once in a while, in the world of aesthetics, a person becomes heavily indulged in the public eye, and we get to analyze every aspect of that person.  Sometimes, it’s a person that has been in a controversy, maybe they’re making a comeback, or maybe they’re running for political office.      Today… Read More

𝄞 Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd! 𝄞   It’s finally summertime in Chicago! A time we grab our baseball hats and hit the bleachers.  As easy and fun as this sounds, it’s even easier to grab your LaserCap to start growing your hair at home!  Whether your a… Read More

  HAIRVENTION 2019 UPDATE:   Earlier this month we announced that Hairvention 2019 was coming up.  We are now only 1 week from the event and couldn’t be more excited! Join everyone here at Aesthetic Scalp for an evening of drinks, giveaways, and hair. We will be talking hair products, hair treatments, and hair transplants! Learn… Read More

  Remember when you didn’t like broccoli as a kid?  Oh, you still don’t like broccoli?  You should start eating broccoli.    Today we are talking about 3 Vitamins that are essential to healthy, happy hair.  Of course there’s many supplements, products, procedures, and even surgeries to combat hair loss, but today we are talking… Read More

Last year, Aesthetic Scalp presented HAIRVENTION: a symposium of all things hair. To say that it was a complete success would be an understatement. This year, we cordially invite you to HAIRVENTION 2019 Join us for an evening of fine whiskey, delicious sushi and all things hair. We will be talking about the latest hair transplant in technology… Read More

Our hair is a permanent accessory that we can choose to change as often as we change our wardrobes.  Let’s think back to our first haircut.  We probably don’t remember it, but this haircut marks the first of many style changes we would eventually be going through for the rest of  our lives.   From there… Read More

  Hair is everything for women.  With huge billboards of lucious shiny hair in Chicago, to commercials of thick hair whirls.  Hair is everywhere!  However, one  factor of hair health is always at play: stress.   There are 3 types of stress related hair loss: Telogen effluvium,Trichotillomania, and Alopecia.  Of these three types of stressed based hair… Read More