This is a before and after gallery of patients of who sought out hair restoration with Aesthetic Scalp.   No other hair transplant clinic in Chicago is quite like Aesthetic Scalp.  We not only restore your hair, but provide the most extensive patient  bed side manor.  Balding, Thinning, or receding; We’re here to help.

Combining both the technology of the ARTAS Hair Restoration Robot and the use of Regenerative Medicines, here are just some of our patients’ results.

JH Before and After

This patient came in seeking to help restore his balding crown. 606 grafts were extracted from the patient’s donor area with the assistance of the ARTAS Hair Restoration Robot. Dr. Shah and Dr. Sameea also administered 3 PRP treatments to help with the patient’s hair growth and healing.


AS Before and After

This patient came in seeking regenerative PRP Treatments with Dr. Sameea for her thinning hair. After only 2 treatments, this patient has shown some very noticeable difference in her hair.



This patient was seeking brow restoration after years of plucking.  Our artistry and precise robotic restoration helped created fuller thicker brows she was seeking that suited her ethnic identity.



This patient was seeking a fuller head of hair.   After doing his research, he settled on having his procedure done by Aesthetic Scalp and ARTAS Restoration Robotics.  We pride ourselves on stimulating new found confidence in all our patients.



This patient was battling with a receding hairline.  With our unique hairline redesign protocol we were able to able bring back a more youthful appearance to this patient.