ARTAS can not visualize white hair or in some cases blonde hair.  Patients who have an extensive amount of white hair should consider dying their hair.  We have several options for patients:

  • Just for Men for beards– Dye your hair the evening before the procedure and chose a darker color (black, brown, dark brown).  Leave product on for 10 minutes.  Shampoo to remove the residual pigment from your scalp.  Repeat this procedure the morning of your ARTAS transplantation.
  • Hair Salon– Go to a local hair salon the evening before your procedure and dye your hair brown, dark brown or black.  Wash your hair that evening and the next AM
  • L’Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Creme– chose brown, dark brown or black and dye your hair the evening before your procedure.  Wash only morning of your ARTAS transplantation.

Why is it necessary to dye my hair?  The ARTAS needs to visualize your hairs and darker hairs are easier and more accurately visualized.

Is this necessary with the 9x upgrade to the ARTAS? Yes this is still necessary for best results.

Will my hair look strange colored for a few days?  Most of the hair coloring will be removed in several weeks.