Aesthetic Skin Director • Regenerative Medicine Expert

Dr. Sameea Chughtai is a board certified physician with a special interest in hair loss, hair restoration, regenerative medicine, and eyebrow transplantation.  Dr. Chughtai practiced medicine in New York City (Midtown Manhattan) prior to moving to Chicago and is originally from Ohio. Dr. Chughtai often incorporates holistic principles as well as the latest in allopathic medicine when evaluating her patients.  She has been featured WGN, Chicago Tribune, and Today’s Chicago Woman for her work on hair restoration and aesthetics.

Dr. Chughtai personal hair loss story began in her 20’s when in college.  During a treatment for a medical condition, she took a corticosteroid which caused her hair to fall out.  Although temporary, Dr. Chughtai never forgot how it felt to have lost her hair.  When she went through the child birth process, she also noticed hair loss with each child (3 kids total!!).  In fact, one of her children required her services for a condition called Alopecia Areata, a fairly common condition in which patches of hair are seen.

The loss of hair for women is often more guarded and women feel more isolated with their hair loss.   Dr. Chughtai’s goal is to allow women a comfortable environment in which to discuss potential treatment options.  Many treatment options stem from her involvement in regenerative techniques including PRP and the use of growth factors to help treat distressed hair.  

Dr. Chughtai works on both female and male hair (she performed Dr. Shah’s procedure!!!) and tailors an approach which can involve a combination of regenerative techniques as well as robotic transplantation.

Picture/ Video Sameea working